What We Believe

We believe the message of the Church that goes back to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, as we read about them in the New Testament. We believe that God has spoken truthfully in the Bible, and we want to live in submission to His words.

  • He has told us that he alone is the Creator of everything.
  • He has told us that our first parents broke their relationship with him through their disobedience and rebellion, bringing curse and destruction into his perfect creation.  
  • He has told us that he has orchestrated a plan of redemption to bring people back to a relationship with him. In the most mysterious and amazing way, Jesus reversed the curse on the creation, taking the punishment for sin upon himself and giving his people forgiveness and eternal life.
  • He has told us that Jesus will return and renew the whole world, conquering evil and bringing perfect wholeness to all who believe in him. 

We stand in the Reformed tradition as a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and a member church in the Chesapeake Presbytery of the PCA. We hold that a helpful system to understand the Bible is contained in the historic Westminster Confession of Faith. For other helpful resources, visit our website Ministries at Grace Helps.

our mission, vision and Values

Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA)  is Protestant in heritage, Evangelical in conviction, Presbyterian in governance, and Reformed in theology, holding to the doctrines of God’s grace as taught in the Westminster Standards.

Our mission is to glorify God by making disciples as we: worship God faithfully, direct people to the grace found in the gospel, and equip His disciples for lives obedient to His Word.

Our vision is to become a vibrant Christian community reflecting the diversity of the South County area where lives are being transformed and we are increasingly winning people to Christ.

A transition team of members selected by the Session thoroughly examined all aspects of our church and developed a Mission, Vision, and Values Report to serve as a road map of who we are and where we are going. The team reviewed the result of their work with the congregation in small group meetings. On Sunday, February 24, 2019, the document was unanimously approved at a called church meeting.


Our Story

Every particular Church has a story.

The story of Grace Presbyterian includes a group from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis (PCA) who began to pray about and plan for a daughter church in South Anne Arundel County over 25 years ago. After a number of years of growth and meeting in local schools, services began in our new building in Davidsonville on Palm Sunday.

But the Church isn't a building. The Church is a group of people who are following Jesus.

Every particular believer has a story.

We would love to share our story with you. As believers in Jesus' message, we have been changed on the inside. While this life is still far from perfect, Jesus has given us the kind of forgiveness and grace that we needed most. He has made precious promises to us that our brokenness will be mended, our hurts will be healed, and our deepest desires will be met in him.

We would love to hear your story.