We hold worship services in person at Grace Church on Sunday mornings, where we are welcome to bring our regular tithes and offerings.

Thank you for prayerfully continuing to give your offerings which help us pursue his call to share God's grace with one another in South County and beyond. 


Send your tithes and offerings from your bank's website with their 'Bill Pay' option from your device or home computer.

  1. Go to your bank's website (or app).
  2. Find and click your bank's 'BILL PAY' portal to easily schedule a one-time offering or your recurring tithe
  3. Enter the church's full name and address as listed below. (Your bank may suggest several churches, be sure to select our 'Grace' in Davidsonville.)

    • Select or enter:
      Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church

      4012 Birdsville Rd
      Davidsonville, MD 21035
  4. Choose your preferred issue date (or a regular schedule) for your bank to generate and mail your check(s) to Grace.

That's it!  The 'Bill Pay' option from your bank's website is easy and secure, and usually free! Ask your bank for more details.

One member at Grace said, "I had not used 'Bill Pay' on my bank's website in such a long time, that I had to call my bank to reactivate the 'Bill Pay' feature on my account. Now it's easier and I learned it's safer than carrying a check with me."


Would you like to transfer stocks or funds to Grace?  Donating stock or funds that have appreciated in value may provide potential tax benefits.  When you give an appreciated asset to a charitable organization, you are generally exempt from paying capital gains tax on the increased value of the asset.  Your gift is deductible for its market value at the time it is given.  Please consult your financial planner or tax adviser if this is a viable option for your situation.  If you wish to donate securities to Grace, please contact our team at

Questions or concerns about your tithe or gifts?  Contact Sarah Crandall or our Treasurer on the Grace Finance team here or Christy Chalfant at the church office at 410-798-5300 or